"Women who have experienced awkward nights spent hitching up a strapless bra from their midriff may soon have a solution - and it is all thanks to the stickiness of gecko feet. Start-up firm Kellie K Apparel used the glue-like qualities of the lizard's appendages as inspiration for its strap-free bra called The Alice."

- Amanda Williams, Daily Mail


"I tried out the Kellie K bra with a dress I was wearing to co-host a party a few months ago. I needed to be conscious of my guests and not yanking on my bra all night—especially since we had hired a photographer to document the evening. By the end of not only the party but a dinner afterwards, I realized I hadn’t given the bra a single thought. It was a miracle."

- Kristen Philipkoski,


"Ladies, don’t say physics never did anything for you. Your days of awkwardly pulling up your slipping strapless bra during a night on the town—thereby ruining the illusion of glamorous savor faire—may finally be over, thanks to the physics of tiny gecko feet."

 - Jennifer Ouellette, Gizmodo


"Why are strapless bras so horrible? We speak with people who can explain and who are trying to solve this problem, one cup at a time."


- Live Segment, August 30, 2013


"For anyone who’s constantly frustrated by strapless bras that just won't stay put, science may now have the solution. Start-up Kellie K Apparel's innovative undergarment design uses the same principles as a gecko’s foot to comfortably cling to the wearer’s body." 

- Michele Debczak, Mental Floss



"How impressed with you will your friends be that your strapless bra ACTUALLY STAYS IN PLACE!?! It doesn’t end up around your belly button! It’s super fab comfy and looks pretty sexy too. Win, win folks!"

 - Mommy Bistro


"I’ve had this new strapless bra in heavy rotation since it arrived, even though it’s far from strapless-top weather here in Seattle.  Up until this point I probably would have laughed if you asked me to wear a strapless bra under a sweater, but I have to say that I’ve actually really enjoyed wearing this one.  I’ve not once thought about pulling it up.  Once it’s on, it really stays in place. My shoulders have actually felt lighter, too. I don’t keep my bra straps tight or anything, but I’m now fairly confident that my shoulders must still notice when bra straps are there all the same. This bra gets high marks from me in function."

- Amy, Sew Well as by Reflection